Our Natural Stone Mining Units

The TIPL group consist of two modernised state of the art altering facility equipped with advanced machines and used for producing the best kind of natural stones. The advanced machines involve

  • Tiling Plant brought from Pedrini, Italy

  • Multi-Disc Block Cutter

  • Two Slab Polisher machine brought from Breton, Italy

  • Multi-Wire Gang Saw Machine brought from Breton, Italy

  • Two Fully Automatic Resin Line brought from Breton and SEI

  • Eight Granite Cutters

  • Six Gang Saw Machines


The company has been operating with 9 working mining space and over 26 quarries. The company has total mining space of around 3,55,000 square meters.All the mines are fully equipped and accurately refined with modernized equipment such as a chain saw, wire saw, heavy machine cranes, loaders, bulldozer etc.

We are working with a team of well versed, trained and educated workers at the mining space. Our workers always ensure that the best quality stones should be extricated in an accurate way along with fulfilling responsibility towards nature.


The customer happiness is the prime motto at Tirupati Impex. The quality assurance and completion of targeted work on time is the reason behind our achievements and prosperity. Our recognition falls in the continuous and replicated demand by our prospective customers. Along with this, we have been recognized by many government authorities and trade forums for our remarkable role in the stone industry. We have been honored with many awards for mining, quality assurance, significant exports, and policies in consideration with clients.